SEO Explode: Key Points to Avoid when Optimizing Your Page

It is important to know the things that you need to do to make SEO work for you. It is also equally prudent to know the things that you need to avoid when optimizing your page.

Here are the key points that SEO Explode wants you to consider when trying to optimize your page.

When Choosing Keywords

Targeting the wrong keywords can ruin everything for your business. You should avoid trial and error when choosing your keyword. You need to do proper research and be careful not to choose keywords that are too competitive or broad. If you choose something too broad, you will only gain a high bounce rate and a low rate of conversion. Such thing will happen because searchers that click on your site may not find what they want to see and only end up disappointed. Moreover, if you opt to rank keywords with high competition, it may take a long while before you achieve a high rank.

SEO Explode

When Using your Keywords on your Blog Posts or Web Pages

You need to avoid stuffing your blog posts or web pages with keywords, especially they’re starting to sound awkward or irrelevant. When you write something for your blog, concentrate on giving readers something that they will enjoy reading and sharing. You need to remember the same thing when providing content to your website. People appreciate it better when they find the exact information that they need when they click on your link.

Remember that you need to always write with searchers in mind and not for search engines. The current algorithm of Google rewards site that provide informative, great content and doesn’t hesitate to penalize the sites that abuse the use of keywords or use tactics that can be viewed as something manipulative.

About Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization happens when several pages of your website try to rank for the same keyword. Doing this will only confuse the search engines. You are forcing the search engines to choose which page stands out or should be considered as more important. This act can weaken your chance of obtaining a healthy amount of traffic for that particular keyword.

To avoid keyword cannibalization, you need to avoid using the same keyword for the other pages of your website. Don’t even use the same keyword to your blog posts.


You can create a list of all the keywords that you have used on the different pages of your website and blogs. That way, you can keep track of the keywords that you have already used and avoid repeating them on the other web pages or blog posts.

Your Website Speed

Don’t neglect your website speed. Research reveals that 40% of net surfers abandon the sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. If your site is slow, you will lose a significant amount of customers.

If you set a regular schedule to test your site speed, then don’t miss it. In case your site encountered a problem regarding its speed, you will be able to check immediately for the possible causes of the delay. Your immediate action can help you keep your visitors and customers.

Your Blog

Publishing content within the pages of your website is not enough if you want to rank a certain keyword. A blog post can help you optimize every post for a keyword that you did not use in any of your pages.

Avoid producing so-so blog posts if you want to increase the relevance of the keyword that you used in a particular blog. The content of your blog must be high quality and easy to read. If you think that you won’t be able to produce high quality content, then it is best to commission someone to do it for you. It is the right time to hire a SEO agency like SEO Explode to write quality, relevant content for your blog posts.

The SEO agency knows the right amount of keywords to include in each post to avoid keyword stuffing. You can be certain that you would be paying for high quality content, which your readers will be more than willing to share over social media.

When you include an image to your post, avoid using the images that were already featured in the other sites. Use original images as much as possible, and always prepare fresh, unique content.