Need Cash Now? Try a Pawn Shop!

pawn Admit it, we have all been in this situation before – it’s still weeks before payday and then suddenly, a loved one falls ill and needs to be confined to the hospital. After a couple of days, he’s out of danger and allowed by the doctor to go home. But you are thousands short of funds to pay for the hospital bill! Now, you’re looking into your swarovski crystal and diamond neck piece and wondering if you should sell it already….

But, wait! Don’t hand it over to the buyer yet! Look for a pawn shop first. Here, you basically lend the piece of jewelry first in exchange for its perceived value in dollars. And then, once you

get your salary, you can pay off your loan and get your neck piece back! Isn’t that a win-win situation? For a free quote, click here.

How to Secure a Fast Cash Loan

To secure a quick loan from a pawn shop, you could go to an outlet to have your item appraised by a pawn broker. If that is not possible, there are now pawn brokers that can be accessed online. An example of a pawn shop that can be accessed both ways is Metropolitan Pawn Brokers, which can be accessed here.

Metropolitan Pawn Brokers have two convenient locations in New York – one along Atlantic Avenue on Richmond Hill, and the other at Jamaica Avenue at Woodhaven. They have expert pawn brokers there who can appraise your jewels’ worth and how much you could get in the form of a loan for them.

Once your application is approved and your loan released, you get three percent interest per month until you repay the loan. Now if in case you were not able to pay the balance off until the fourth month, the pawn shop is going to consider your item sold.

Now, what if you can’t go to their office yet but you already badly need the money? You could request for a Gold Kit here.

How to Secure a Gold Kit from Metropolitan Pawn Brokers

To request a Gold Kit, you can visit this website. Here, you will be asked to fill out a form which includes your name and address, of course, as well as your phone number and e-mail address, plus the size of the box in which to put your item in. There’s a 10” 5” 1” box and there’s also a 7 1/2” 5” 3” box (figures pertain to length, width, and depth of the box). You could also choose to just send your own box; in this case, all that Metropolitan Pawn Brokers will provide will be the labels and the tracking papers.

Once we receive the information from you, we shall be going back to you with the quote. You may choose to receive cash for loan, or if you want to sell the item altogether.

Now some of us may ask: What’s the number and e-mail address for? Well, those pieces of information are important for verification. The phone number is for queries, just in case we have any, and the e-mail is for confirming if it is really you who’s sending us the request. Please make sure that these are contact details that are immediately in your possession to avoid delays.

Please understand also that it is part of any business’s operations to be implementing some kind of security protocol. In the case of

Metropolitan Pawn Brokers, this is the S. O. P. Rest assured that we will not be divulging your personal contact information.

For any questions regarding the procedure, you can check out this website or find the numbers to call here. Why Choose Metropolitan Pawnbrokers?

Pawn Shop

We just have one reason: We have already been in the industry for 25 years already. Given that this pawn shop has been in the business for that long already, we can say that

this is one that has already been trusted and is continually being trusted by clients all over New York. We also have that policy to not scrimFpap on our loan offers – meaning, we really extend the highest possible loan amount based solely on the value of the item. You can be assured that there is no fine print or hidden costs involved. Click here for a free quote now.

What Items Do We Receive?

Metropolitan Pawn Brokers offers loan on all kinds of jewelry, commonly watches, rings, long or charm necklaces, earrings, pins or broaches in gold, charm or ankle bracelets and of course, diamonds and other precious jewels.

If in case you are also looking into totally disposing an item of value, you can sell them to us! We offer competitive prices for Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany and Co, and all other high end brands of wrist or pocket watches, engagement or show rings, fine jewelry, and diamonds.