Golf Fashion: Callaway Golf Accessories


Basically, all it takes to play golf is a hole, a golf club and a golf ball. Putting a golf ball into a hole is playing the sport in the most standard sense. But what separates the modern golfer from the soldiers who first played and invented the sport during the 14th century is not only the innovation in the aforementioned golf equipment, but also the use of various accessories.

Golf, while being a sport, can also be considered as a lifestyle. It is by no means a cheap sport and committing to playing it regularly is a very expensive luxury that only a few are lucky to enjoy.

This is the reason why a golf accessory is the perfect finish for your overall golf experience.

Callaway golf used to just offer clubs, but eventually started to make golf balls. It was only a matter of time before Callaway golf expanded to offer golf accessories and second-hand golf clubs as well.

Pre-loved Golf Clubs

Yes, you heard it right. Callaway golf offers pre-loved golf clubs, so if you have always fancied the Big Bertha but find yourself a little short in cash, you just might find a pre-loved Big Bertha that will suit your budget. If you are just getting started with the sport but want to have the best equipment possible, then try to get yourself pre-loved golf clubs instead of investing heavily immediately.

Golf Bags

After getting yourself a gorgeous set of pre-loved Callaway golf clubs, it is time to look for something to put them into. Stand bags are a variation of carry bags that are designed to be able to stand up by themselves, and offer golfers a convenient way to store and take clubs. If this is the kind of golf bag that you fancy, then get yourself a Big Bertha Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag.

Weighing less than 5 lbs., it is designed to be incredibly light so that you will not need a caddy to carry it. It has an opening of 9 inches with a 5-way divider club organization system which also comes with a molded handle. Its 8 pockets include a water resistant valuables pocket which also features a key fob; full-length pocket; ball pocket; a thermal-lined pocket for water bottle; and three accessory pockets.

Callaway golf

If you wish to traverse the golf course in style by riding a golf cart, then you can up that style a little bit further by getting the Big Bertha Tour Authentic Staff Bag. With its sharp and sleek design, this bag will not only hold room for your complete golf set, but will also make sure they stay beautiful by preventing damage to your golf clubs.


What most first-timers do not know is that golf gloves are essential accessories. Holding a golf club all day can cause discomfort or even rashes and chafing on your hands, so the protection that golf gloves bring is really important. Aside from this, golf gloves also let you have a steadier grip, giving you more control over your swing. This is especially useful for golfers who have sweaty hands or loose grips.

For gloves that make you look and feel like a pro (even if you do not play like one), get the Callaway Tour Authentic Gloves. It uses Opti Feel Leather, which provides a better feel, fit and comfort. The perforations on the fingers and the thumb reduce moisture while increasing breath ability.

Eye wear and Head wear

When you imagine a golfer, the common look that comes to everyone’s minds is a polo shirt, khaki pants, gloves, a cap and shades. So if you want to look the part, then the Calloway Tour Performance Golf Cap and Callaway Eye wear are must-haves. Made to be breathable while blocking heat, the Callaway Tour Performance Golf Cap uses microfiber with soft mesh and moisture wicking sweatband. Callaway Eye wear, on the other hand, uses exclusive NEOX lens technology and provides accurate visual performance while blocking out the sun.

You do not need to play like a pro to look like a pro. With Callaway golf accessories, a walk or drive around the golf course is like a walk down the catwalk.